Tuesday 22 November 2011

HG Bishop Angaelos' Call to Prayer for Egypt 22/11/11

With the call for the million-person march in Egypt, please join me in dedicating our prayers throughout today and tonight for God’s protection upon all those who demonstrate as well as the army and the police on the streets. We pray that there will be no further injury or death that will bring pain and sorrow to another family or community in Egypt.

While there is a need for every person to exercise his or her democratic right in contributing to the shaping of this new era in the contemporary history of Egypt, this must be immediately accompanied by our fervent prayers and a calling upon God to protect the land that He once blessed Himself, and all her people.

Please encourage as many people as you can to join us in prayer today: within our own church communities, friends in other churches or denominations, Christians, Muslims, and those of any other faith, as well as anyone else who has a heart for humanity and a concern for a nation experiencing pain. This is by no means a time for separation or segregation, but a time to stand together and call upon God, each in our own way, that He may protect and keep His people in every place.