Friday 26 February 2016

A Tribute to Maged Riad from His Grace Bishop Angaelos

Words cannot express the gratitude owed to our dear friend and brother Maged. A man of integrity, faithfulness, commitment, selflessness, dedication, clarity and honesty who will be missed, but who has left a legacy beyond reproach and and example that must be followed, no matter how difficult that may turn out to be. 

With Mona, their fruits in Mira, Micky and Maury are indeed evidence of a good tree bearing very good fruits indeed as the Scriptures tell us. Maged lives on in and through them.

After an exemplary life and a valiant struggle against illness, may he now rest in peace and remember us before the Lord, still being an advocate, but now of a different sort. Having been 'faithful in what is little' Maged is now given what is infinitely more as he enters with all the faithful servants who have preceded him. 

I paid tribute yesterday in the best way I felt I could: