The Coptic Orthodox Church Centre in the UK

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The Coptic Orthodox Church in the United Kingdom serves approximately 20,000 faithful across 32 parishes, with the number constantly increasing. 

The Coptic Orthodox Church Centre UK

Shephalbury Manor and its grounds have been home to The Coptic Orthodox Church Centre in the United Kingdom for over two decades. The beautiful Victorian gothic manor which was built in 1865 now stands alongside the newly-constructed Coptic Orthodox Cathedral of Saint George, the first purpose-built Coptic Orthodox place of worship in the United Kingdom, and the first Coptic Orthodox Cathedral in Europe. The Cathedral presents a delightful meeting point between ancient and contemporary Coptic design and culture set within a British context.

The Centre caters for a wide variety of spiritual, youth, social, pastoral, and ecumenical activities that engage communities at the local, national and international level. This establishes and maintains relationships that lead toward a greater understanding, fellowship, unity and co-operation.

As the headquarters of the Media and Communications Office for the United Kingdom and Europe, Advocacy, and Development Offices, the Centre is a hub of activity that utilises its resources to impact and empower various sectors of the local, national and international community.

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