Sunday 10 March 2013

Press Release: HH Pope Tawadros II and 60 members of The Holy Synod enthroned 4 Bishops, consecrated 7

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10 March 2013

The Coptic Orthodox Church UK
Media and Communications Office

The 118th Pope of Alexandria and Patriarch of All Africa on the holy Apostolic See of Saint Mark, His Holiness Pope Tawadros II and over 60 members of the Holy Synod consecrated 7 bishops and enthroned 4 existing bishops on 10 March 2013 in the Grand Cathedral of St Mark, Cairo, Egypt.

Having taken part in the consecration service in Cairo, His Grace Bishop Angaelos, General Bishop of The Coptic Orthodox Church in the United Kingdom commented from Cairo:
‘In the ever expanding ministry of The Coptic Orthodox Church, and with a greater focus on concentrated pastoral care, we have found a need to consecrate more bishops to fill vacant Diocese, to facilitate greater and more focused care for larger and older Diocese that have been divided upon the passing of their bishops, and to establish new diocese abroad. 
As the Church is the Body of Christ that lives and breathes, caring for her children, we see yet another sign of this dynamic existence continuing to bring light into the world at every level. 
We pray for our new bishops, their diocese, and the whole Body of Christ, as we continue to live and share His message and mission in the world.’
The four bishops enthroned are:
Bishop Daniel for Maadi and Albasateen
Bishop Theodosious for Giza
Bishop Botros for Shebin El Qanater
Bishop Mina for Mississauga and West Canada

The seven priests consecrated are: 
Fr Epiphanious El-Maqari as abbot of the monastery of St Macarious in Wadi el Natroun
Fr Maqar El-Baramousi for Al-Sharkaya
Fr Salib El-Samueli for Latmoum and its affiliated regions
Fr Zakaria El-Souriani for October City and Ouseem
Fr Youannes El-Souriani for Giza North
Fr Zosima El-Antouni for Atfih and El-Saf and their affiliated regions
Fr Youlyous Ava-Mina as general bishop for old Cairo


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