Friday 14 July 2017

Press Release: Cancellation of Church activities in Egypt following renewed spate of attacks against Christians

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Cancellation of Church activities in Egypt following renewed spate of attacks against Christians

Copyright: Roger Anis
14 July 2017

As a result of direct advice from Egyptian Security Services, Christian denominations have issued directives cancelling conferences and trips throughout July as a precautionary measure.

Since December 2016 there has been a renewed spate of targeted attacks on, and murders of Egyptian Christians, with a reported 117 Coptic Orthodox Christians murdered across the country in that period. This campaign began with the bombing of St Peter’s Coptic Orthodox Church in Cairo in December 2016, and followed by Palm Sunday church bombings in Tanta and Alexandria, an attack on pilgrims visiting a monastery in Minya, and targeted attacks on individuals across Egypt.

His Grace Bishop Angaelos, General Bishop of the Coptic Orthodox Church in the United Kingdom, confirmed these reports, saying:

“Having communicated with colleagues in Cairo, it is obvious that the current campaign of terror against Christians is escalating rapidly. These measures have come after our community has experienced brutal attacks against innocent women, men and children across Egypt, and we pray will help to safeguard against future atrocities.

This unfortunate step comes at a time when children, young people and families will be deprived of the conferences and trips that they so look forward to over the summer period and have grown accustomed to over decades. Saying that however, it is of course more important, while recognising their huge disappointment, to do our best to ensure their safety.

Despite these measures, the ongoing liturgical and pastoral life of the Church will be maintained as she continues to provide daily support for her children.

Here in the United Kingdom, and around the world, we are praying peace and safety for all the people of Egypt at this increasingly challenging time. We also pray that the orchestrators and perpetrators of this deadly wave are rightly brought to justice, and reconciled with their intended God-given humane and merciful nature.”



Number of Coptic Christians reportedly murdered in Egypt since December 2016
  • December - February 2017 – 40 Christians killed in total in the bombing of St Peter’s Coptic Church in Cairo, and the targeting of individuals in Cairo and Sinai
  • April 2017 – 43 Christians killed in Tanta and Alexandria church bombings
  • May 2017 - Bus attack in Minya – 28 killed for refusing to recant their Christian Faith
  • July 2017 – 6 Christian individuals murdered in their homes